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Get ready to put your feet in the dirt of first century Israel with Dr. Mitzi Minor.  The boys take time to talk with Bill’s former New Testament Professor about the importance of resurrection.  What did Jesus’ resurrection mean to early Christians and what does it mean for us today.  Plus, Jeremy and Bill continue to struggle through couples counseling.


Memphis Theological Seminary

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September 23, 2019

Greg Boyd: Cross Out Violence

Theologian, Pastor, Metal Head and Drummer, Greg Boyd joins the show this week.  Greg drops by to talk about a different way of interpreting the violence found in the Old Testament by reading the Bible through the lens of the cross.  Greg Shares with the boys his practice of prayer.  Plus Bill and Greg bond over the band TOOL. 


Greg’s Website:

Woodland Hills Church

Cross Vision: How the Crucifixion of Jesus Makes Sense of Old Testament Violence  By Greg Boyd

Twitter: @greg_boyd

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Minister, podcaster and author Luke Norsworthy stops by to talk doubt with the boys.  Doubt is something most of us struggle with but many of us don’t want to admit to, so on this episode we discuss what it is like to be a pastor and have doubts.  How doubts can lead to stronger faith and a better relationship with Jesus.  Plus, Luke marvels at Bill’s incredible mane.  All this and  more on this week’s episode of the The Happy Hippie Jesus Show!


The Newsworthy with Norsworthy Podcast

God over Good: Saving Your Faith by Losing Your Expectations of God  by Luke Norsworthy

Westover Church

Ironically: Luke on Twitter

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September 9, 2019

Steve Long: Liar, Liar

Dr. Steve Long, Ethicist and Professor at Perkins Seminary, stops by to talk truth and his new book, “Truth Telling in a Post Truth World” with the boys.  A little more political than our usual offering but Jesus did say: “The Truth will set you free”.  There is a real danger of the climate of lies that inhabits the political sphere can and does spill into our lives and churches.   So, strap yourself in for this episode of The Happy Hippie Jesus Show.


Truth Telling in a Post Truth World  by Dr. Stephen Long


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September 2, 2019

Lay Up with Blake Bradford

In this interview with Dr. Blake Bradford, the boys discuss the importance of Lay ministry.  (
By the way Lay people are church people who aren’t pastors).  Blake also contemplates what the future of the church will look like plus he throws a few zingers at both Bill and Jeremy.  All on this week’s episode of The Happy Hippie Jesus Show!


Impact: Reclaiming the Call of Lay Ministry   by Blake Bradford and Kay Kotan


Mission Possible: A Simple Structure for Missional Effectiveness  by Blake Bradford and Kay Kotan

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